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Features & Benefits of PinDot Custom Seating Solutions Video #1

Duration: 5 minutes
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This first video in a three part PinDot series focuses on when a custom molded seating system is appropriate and looks at the different types of foam and support options available.


Molding a patient using the Invacare PinDot Simulator- Video #2

Duration: 18 minutes
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The second video in a three part series reviews tips & tricks on how to capture that perfect mold and the equipment needed to do that.


Capturing an image using the C.L.I.P. - Video #3

Duration: 7:30
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This final video of the series shows you how to use the C.L.I.P. (Color Laser Imaging by PinDot) to scan your mold and upload the information to PinDot.

Sip & Puff A to Z

Duration: 1 hour

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Credit: .1 CEUs

This course will cover in detail everything you need for setting up a successful Sip n Puff Evaluation. Chair components, programming tips, and various Sip n Puff driving & seating profiles will be demonstrated.


Understanding Power Assist

Duration: 1 hour
Sign Up Code: powerassistod
Credit:  .1 CEU

This course is designed to educate participants on what power assist is, the different types of power assist and how to perform a proper evaluation for power assist.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Matrx Wheelchair Seating

Duration: 1 hour

Sign up Code: Preventionod

Credit: .1 CEU

The Healthcare world is always concerned with prevention of infection transmission. This presentation with explain how to break the chain of infection transmission in relation to wheelchair seating. Participants will be provided with examples of engineering controls offered in Matrx® Seating Line that aid in infection control. We will cover infection prevention and control terminology and recommendations as applicable to wheelchair industry. The latest research related to survival of pathogens on wheelchair surfaces will be shared. The presentation will also review products in Matrx® Infection Control Line along with product-specific cleaning and disinfection recommendations.


Matrx E2 Back Ripple Effect

Duration: 30 Minutes

Sign up Code: e2ripple

Credit: .5 CEC

The clinicians usually strive to choose back support products that maximize postural support and stability. Recently, however, we hear more and more questions related to temperature and humidity. Several clinical conditions involving impaired innervation of sweat glands impact sweating function and contribute to increased core temperatures and sensitivity to heat. The new E2 Back with ripple foam was developed with the goal of addressing microclimate without deviating from the Matrx® no-maintenance product philosophy. In this session, we will compare thermo-performance of slab foam versus ripple foam and will describe our findings from four different scenarios the participants were subjected to. We will share the results of the clinical study that demonstrated reductions of both skin temperatures and sweating with the ripple foam.

The Power of LiNX in the Clinic

Duration: 1 hour

Sign up Code: clinicod

Credit: .1 CEU

Wheelchair manufacturers each use a specific electronics platform on their power wheelchairs. These electronics have unique differences between them. These differences can be overlooked when one makes an assumption that, “they all do the same thing”. While that is true to a degree, how those “things” are managed and navigated by the patient can be VERY different. LiNX® electronics offers some unique features and opportunities for customization and personalization that can enhance independence and satisfaction for the patient. This course will highlight some of those features that may play a role in the success and independence of the patient. This is a course that will focus on the clinical benefits of LiNX® and will not be going into specific programming instructions, rather, focusing on the features and their impact for the patient.

The Big Picture: Seating the Bariatric Client

Duration: 1 hour

Sign up Code: bigpictureod

Credit: .1 CEU

Course Description: The focus of this course is to examine the measurement and accommodation of excessive tissue as it relates to the prescription of seat and back support surfaces and mobility devices for the bariatric client. Emphasis will be on the challenges of evaluation, measurement, and product interface with the bariatric population. Basic principles for the accommodation of excessive tissue will be presented.

 LiNX Programming: Getting Started

Duration: 1 hour

Sign up Code: gettingstartedod

Credit: .1 CEU

This course will focus on getting connected to LiNX electronics, getting oriented to the programming screens, where to find features, and beginning to do basic programming.

Beyond the Seat

Duration: 1 hour

Sign up Code: beyondod

Credit: .1 CEU

Aspects of posture, support, pressure and function must be considered in the equipment selection process. Many of these factors are interrelated, often influencing each other. As consumers strive for independence, posture effects functional activities such as propulsion and transfers as well as respiration, digestion and bowel & bladder systems. In addition, skin integrity is impacted by pressure distribution and is also dependent upon physiologic systems to maintain or regain that integrity. It is not enough to think linearly. This course is designed for basic to intermediate level clinicians and equipment providers who want to revisit the interlocking components of seated posture and mobility. Selecting the cushion and back support is ultimately more efficient when the broad scope of intrinsic factors is kept in focus.

Immerse Yourself - The Science of Skin Protection

Duration: 1 hour
Sign Up Code: immerseod
Credit:  .1 CEU

Appropriate technology application can greatly enhance the functional outcomes for clients who utilize seating and wheeled mobility systems. Once the mat assessment is completed, it is necessary to interpret that data and convert it to equipment selection & configuration. Common seated postures will be presented, and the principles of accommodation or reduction of orthopedic changes will be presented. Considerations for the selection of seat cushions and back supports with the goal of maximizing consumer function will be reviewed using a clinical approach.

This course follows the guidelines published in the "RESNA Wheelchair Service Provision Guide."

LiNX Programming: Enhancing the Patient Experience

Duration: 1 Hour

Sign up Code: enhancingod

Credit: .1 CEU

How a patient interacts with a wheelchair is a very personal thing.  How we organize information and where we like our items stored is very personal. LiNX electronics allows us to arrange Profiles and Functions in unique ways to support the very personal and customized preferences of patients. This course will focus on how to customize those Profiles and Functions, how to set the chair to be navigated without the need for any swiping, button pressing or switches, and how to program a switch for a dedicated Tilt.  These are simple solutions for customizing and personalizing the interface for the patient and enhancing their experience with LiNX electronics.

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION: Seating for all that matters in the LTC and community

Duration: 1 Hour

Sign up Code: solutionod

Credit: .1 CEU

This presentation will focus on the major quality metrics of the LTC industry that may be addressed by an evidence-based seating and mobility design. But most importantly, we will talk about seating as an area that may lower the number of preventable incidents and health complications.

The new benchmark in front-wheel drive has arrived!

Getting around is what power wheelchairs are for, and the new Invacare AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair is engineered to allow users to enjoy the ride. Unbeatable.

Invacare Lifts: Sling Laundering Best Practices

Laundering instructions and best practices for Invacare slings.

Invacare Lifts: Tips on Safety and Usage

Tips on operating the Invacare Lifts safely to reduce risk of injuries.

LiNX Technology - Set up Using Apple Device

Take advantage of our LiNX Technology today! Here is a video on the easy set-up using an Apple Device.