Rear-Wheel Drive Reimagined.

Power up inclines and cover bumpy terrain like they’re smooth pavement and keep up with the pace of modern life. Introducing the new Invacare® AVIVA® STORM RX Power Wheelchair. Easy to set up, easy to service, and easy to love. Check out this page to see all the great features and benefits.

AVIVA STORM RX Power Wheelchair, Rear-Wheel Drive Reimagined!

The NEW Invacare AVIVA STORM RX Power Wheelchair has been designed to offer an impressive blend of new technologies and elegant design, for maximum comfort, stability and control when driving both indoors and outdoors.

The AVIVA STORM RX is targeted for users who travel outdoors but also need the maneuverability for indoors. It is intuitive to drive and is an easy transition for people that move from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair.

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Smooth Ride

SureGrip™ Suspension System

Provides a soft, quiet ride with minimal vibrations to help improve comfort and help minimize driver fatigue. This is achieved thanks to the shocks and elastomer dampeners in the caster bearing housing and anti-tippers

  • Drive motor is pushed down for excellent traction
  • The rear anti-tippers utilizes a shock absorber - low noise, low vibration
  • The front caster bearing has an elastomeric dampener to reduce vibrations and impacts

Virtually Straight Ride

G-Trac™ Electronic Gyroscope Module

Designed to detect and correct even the smallest deviation from the user’s intended path, so they'll go exactly where they want to go without having to tweak the control, even at higher speeds.

Adison is Going Places!

For the first time ever, Adison can see himself living the life that he has always dreamed of.

Check out this heartwarming video about how Adison’s chair is special, because it's given him the freedom that he sought. 

Let's Get Clinical

“Shearing forces can be ten times more destructive to the patient’s skin than pressure alone.”

Our Ultra Low Maxx seating helps minimize shear by mimicking the body’s natural pivot points. 

Natural pivot points

Natural pivot points is the industry speak for our Ultra Low Maxx feature. It means your head, shoulders, hips and feet stay in contact with the chair, mimicking your body’s natural pivot points.

Built-in rail

This allows for accessories to be added to your power chair depending on your needs and wants.

Comfortable Supported

No matter what dynamic positioning movements the seating system makes, you will remain comfortably supported as the Ultra Low Maxx moves precisely with you.


The Electronics

The revolutionary technology that gets to the heart of a power wheelchair.

An insight-inspired control system that is designed to provide an excellent driving experience for users and helps enable programming and maintenance updates to be made wirelessly and in real-time.

Built-in Bluetooth

Connect to your smartphone or laptop.


Adaptable for both left and right-handed use.

Direct Access

Jump straight into the menus with ease.

Speed Gauge

Clear display of an on-screen speedometer.


Swipe or tap our color touch screen.

Audible Beeps

Turn on audible cues to get an audio reminder.

Differences from the Previous Storm We Think You’ll Appreciate

Make it Yours

88 Color combinations. 4 Seat to floor height options.

Tighter Turns

Shorter wheelbase length with flared front-end casters.

When Night Sets In

Integrated LED lights in the front and rear.

Reduce Vibration & Impact

Front caster bearing has a built-in elastomeric dampening system.

Get Closer

Center mount foot platform lets you tuck your legs under the chair 7 degrees.


4 Pole DuraWatt™ Motors are quiet, water-resistant and offer speeds from 5.8mph to 7.5mph.

Uses LiNX Technology

Insight-inspired control system designed to provide a superb driving experience.

Ultra Low Maxx Power Positioning System

Reduce the risk of shear. Keep your body in contact with the chair. Be comfortable.

Easier to Service

Battery accessible from the rear of the chair (only 3 fasteners), Drive wheel (1 fastener) and Motor/Gearbox (4 fasteners)

Meet Our Newest Team Member & Ambassador

Coach Rob Mendez

Invacare Power Wheelchair User | High School Football Coach | Author | Recipient of the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance

"We are excited to introduce the next generation of Invacare power mobility products with the AVIVA STORM RX, an innovative leap forward in rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs. The AVIVA brand has a unique identity that conveys a promise of innovative technology, design and performance. This launch represents yet another step forward for our end-users while further differentiating Invacare’s product portfolio"

Joost Beltman
Senior Vice President and General Manager | North America

Specialty Controls (ASL)

ASL designs products specifically for those who cannot access their environment through conventional means. ASL is dedicated to assisting clients of all ages and abilities to gain functional independence with powered mobility, communication and access to their environment through technology.

ASL specialty controls are available as off-chair purchases only. Please call ASL directly to order specialty control options.


ASL 110/165 Fusion with Bluetooth*: Proportional and digital Headarray with Bluetooth Description: The adjustability options are designed to fit customizable needs and progressions of disabilities.

* Not available in the EU.


ASL 128 Molecule joystick with Bluetooth: The lightest touch joystick offered by ASL.


ASL 102 Uno single switch scanner with Bluetooth: Designed so that a person that has only one consistent switch site available can control multiple things with one switch.


ASL 104 Atom with Bluetooth: Offers combined electronics within the head array, provides ease of access to AAC and Bluetooth devices.

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