COVID-19 Resource Hub

We plan on taking advantage of social media and this resource hub to provide timely advice and guidance to help you navigate through this challenging time.

Infection Control Protocol- Therapeutic Support Surfaces

One piece of equipment in the healthcare environment that has largely been under appreciated as a potential source of contamination is the foam therapeutic support surfaces.

Did you know?  It is strongly recommended to have a sling assigned to, and stay with, each resident as a best practice.

With rapidly changing guidance on COVID-19 and uncertainty around how to best maintain resident health and safety, we understand your need for support surrounding best practices and proper cleaning protocol.

Technical Bulletin: COVID-19 Equipment Cleaning Information

Always refer/abide by the requirements of your local, state and government health requirements. This posting is for informational purposes only and should not be a replacement for the best practices recommended by your local, state, government, and company requirements. This bulletin shares information on the handling and cleaning of equipment that has been used in the treatment of a COVID-19 patient and is based on information provided by OSHA, CDC, and other public health sources.

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