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We plan on taking advantage of social media and this resource hub to provide timely advice and guidance to help you navigate through this challenging time.

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Safety, Simplicity, Social-distancing has a whole new meaning for all of us

Motion Concepts, Committed to helping you now and always.

Every Motion Concepts system is thoughtfully crafted to offer Maximum function, durability and ease of operation. We always sweat the small stuff because it's the little things that make a big difference!

We set up all of our chairs based on the measurements provided to us at time of quote. This helps make sure there is less work for the ATP, Clinician or Technician to do when the chair is received. All of the settings have been made - from leg length, back height and even armrest height, to name a few. This helps you be efficient as well as keeping within the social distancing guidelines. This is just our way of helping. . . . even in a small way.

Programming for the best outcomes for your clients, whether it is for delivery or evaluation, has always been your top priority whether you are a clinician or an ATP. With these challenging times, our ability to still give your customer the best driving experience hasn’t changed. LiNX® Technology on the TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair helps you follow the CDC guidelines by wirelessly programming your clients chair live while still staying 6 feet away or more.

Social Distancing Piece_FinalDownload the brochure here.

Invacare Corporation
Invacare Corporation
A global leader in manufacturing home medical devices, Invacare is dedicated to putting the patient at the center of everything we do. We are passionate about providing clinical solutions for post-acute care, rehab, homecare, and respiratory markets to promote our Corporate Vision—Making Life’s Experiences Possible™.

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Infection Control Protocol- Therapeutic Support Surfaces

One piece of equipment in the healthcare environment that has largely been under appreciated as a potential source of contamination is the foam therapeutic support surfaces.

It started with a vision and a simple conversation that turned into action.

It started with a vision and a simple conversation that turned into action. A month ago, Gavriela N. Guerrero, plant manager at Freedom Designs, took an idea and ran with it. While she was at home, watching coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, she saw a news story on people making their own masks. She thought to herself, “our sewers can do this”!

Did you know?  It is strongly recommended to have a sling assigned to, and stay with, each resident as a best practice.

With rapidly changing guidance on COVID-19 and uncertainty around how to best maintain resident health and safety, we understand your need for support surrounding best practices and proper cleaning protocol.