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Invacare Associate, Nikki Barlow, provides help for those struggling during the pandemic

We are so proud of our Invacare associates and how they are helping those in need.

Whether it’s the unprecedented layoffs, the closing of public schools, medical bills, fear of going into public, or a combination of all four, the spread of COVID-19 has compounded an already difficult situation for families unsure of where their next meal will come from.

Enter Nikki Barlow. Since the end of March, the mother of four has been accepting nonperishable donations that she offers up at her own, newly built food pantry at her home in Utah.

“There had to be something I could do to help the community because there’s so many people out there hoarding toilet paper and buying all the milk,” Barlow said. “My community has a lot of elderly people, and my thought was if they don’t have to go to the grocery store, I don’t want them to because they’re at such high risk.”

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Invacare Corporation
Invacare Corporation
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One piece of equipment in the healthcare environment that has largely been under appreciated as a potential source of contamination is the foam therapeutic support surfaces.

It started with a vision and a simple conversation that turned into action.

It started with a vision and a simple conversation that turned into action. A month ago, Gavriela N. Guerrero, plant manager at Freedom Designs, took an idea and ran with it. While she was at home, watching coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, she saw a news story on people making their own masks. She thought to herself, “our sewers can do this”!

Did you know?  It is strongly recommended to have a sling assigned to, and stay with, each resident as a best practice.

With rapidly changing guidance on COVID-19 and uncertainty around how to best maintain resident health and safety, we understand your need for support surrounding best practices and proper cleaning protocol.