Education & Training Resources

Check back often to access new COVID-19 resources, education and training courses to help you during this difficult time.


Introducing the New Invacare AVIVA FX Front Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

Duration: 1 hour
The AVIVA is the next generation of Invacare Power Mobility Products that has a unique identity and conveys benefits of Design, Technology & Performance. We will demonstrate all the key features that make this a unique power chair, including the 4Sure™ Suspension, LiNX technology and the easy to service base.

Comprehensive Motion Concepts Technical Training on the Ultra-Low Maxx System

Duration: 1 hour
This course will review all the adjustments on the Ultra-Low Maxx Systems including width, depth, back height, center-of-gravity, LNX, along with the most commonly prescribed accessories. This course will include step-by-step how-to videos, guidelines on set-up for proper fit for the client and basic trouble-shooting techniques from one of our lead technicians.

Navigating the Motion Concepts Smart Ship TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair Order Form

Duration: 1 hour
We will take a tour of the Motion Concepts website reviewing technical service videos, marketing materials and order forms. We will review in detail the Smart Ship for Ultra Low Maxx Power Positioning on the TDX SP2 Order Form. This session is designed to speed up your quote and order process. 

Invacare Lifts: Sling Laundering Best Practices

Laundering instructions and best practices for Invacare slings.

The new benchmark in front-wheel drive has arrived!

Getting around is what power wheelchairs are for, and the new Invacare AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair is engineered to allow users to enjoy the ride. Unbeatable.

HomeFill Oxygen System Patient Training

Instructions on the use and set-up of the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System.

Veterans we appreciate you and will see you next year!

A quick tribute to our veterans back during the 2017 National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Invacare Lifts: Tips on Safety and Usage

Tips on operating the Invacare Lifts safely to reduce risk of injuries.

LiNX Technology - Set up Using Apple Device

Take advantage of our LiNX Technology today! Here is a video on the easy set-up using an Apple Device.

Connectivity is the Key

In today’s digital world, power wheelchair users are no exception to wanting connectivity to multiple devices and environmental controls. Join Lisa Rotelli of Adaptive Switch Labs (ASL) as she details what is available, how it interfaces with specialty controls and what to consider when designing a connectivity package for your client.

Future of Drive Controls

The ASL Fusion Proportional and Digital Head Array is the next step in function and control. It is a multi-use drive control with complete programmability that allows use with a wide range of patients with a varying range of diagnoses. Learn more by attending our virtual informational session. 

Expanding Environments – A Multi-Step Approach to Grow, Learn and Train with Powered Mobility

When working with patients new to powered mobility, special consideration must be given to factors such as the patient’s developing motor skills, ability to adapt to power mobility in general and the need to grow the system as the patient’s needs evolve. 

Exploring Changing Needs

Power wheelchairs are more than just mobility. This webinar will discuss Power Wheelchair electronics and how to ensure the power wheelchair can grow and change with the changing needs of a patient. Whether that patient’s abilities are increasing or decreasing, we as clinicians need to ensure they will continue to have access to their technology.